Another destructive fire

Another destructive fire in Merrimack Valley this week. This time it was in Billerica during Thanksgiving week. One person who lived there had to jump out a window to safety with only her pajamas and slippers on. Two other occupants had strokes in the past 2 weeks and were taken to the hospital. She came to the warehouse on Wednesday and Jill made sure she got shoes, a coat, underwear, toiletries, a food box, suitcase and information on where to get a place to stay. After she left the warehouse she was going to Community Teamwork Inc to see what help she could get. Another tragic story of how one life event can change the course of someones life. We are grateful for the support of our community that make it possible for us to help people in their time of need. If you are doing any holiday shopping this weekend we continue to update our Amazon wish list with the items our clients have on their wish list for Christmas. Please help if you are able

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