Christmas Thanks


I have been with the Wish Project several years. When I started working with the organization I was a volunteer and helped a day or two during the week. My love for the organization grew into a part time position and now Project Manager (which is my title given to me this year )

I had helped behind the scenes with Christmas and this year I got to go up “front and center “... what an awesome reward it has been to see the flood of sponsors coming to me wanting to help our agencies with Christmas or donate off our amazon wish list , and the volunteers that have put in extra time to help fill families and organize donated toys & items.

I truly am thankful to all that have helped Christmas 2019 go smooth as expected and to have seen the generosity in donations , sponsoring families and donating time for our Christmas families

Thank you

“You cannot do kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late .” (Ralph Waldo Emerson )


  1. It was awesome meeting Santa for the first time…the real Santa. I have never felt more like an elf as i have this year helping Lori stuff toys and other amazing gifts into large bags and carrying them to their carriages.

    it would be cool to see a video of a family, huddled at the time of opening their gifts and seeing their reaction.
    When we came from Cuba, we had nothing. At first, everything we had was given or loaned. I my older sister reminded me of getting bags of clothes in those days…something i had totally forgotten.

    Well, this Christmas has been very, very special for me watching the lower level of the warehouse filled with toys and gifts to the point of having to navigate using your arms.

    Thank you Lori and the Wish Project and all those that donated for such a great cause.

  2. As always you were a great help, Mel. We could always count on you to do whatever was needed, moving bags, loading cars and keeping everyone entertained.

  3. Thanks, Patty. Keeping everyone entertained…I think that’s a compliment. 🙂

  4. Mel you were a great elf always ! A joy to have around always !
    Thank you !!


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