Christmas wishes need filling

The deadline for Magic of Christmas is close and we still have 70 families left to fill from the warehouse. We have added the items to our Amazon wish list that we know we don’t have at the warehouse. It’s heartbreaking to see the wishes from the parents for their families. Several moms have asked for hair grooming sets so they can cut their families hair. Several dads have asked for road emergency kits for their unreliable cars. One family asked for a streaming blu-ray player so their children could watch movies without adding a cable bill to their expenses. One parent requested a walkie talkie for a child that needs to feel in contact with their parents in bed but is too old for a baby monitor. Several adults have asked for Visa gift cards so they could put gas in their cars. Every item on the wish list holds a significance to the person requesting it. Men and women body sprays to help people feel good about themselves on days when it is especially hard. A purse for a woman who has never had a new purse before. It takes so little to put a smile on the face of someone who already is having a rough time. If you can help one client we would appreciate it. We want to help everyone who needs it, but we can only do it one donation at a time. Amazon Christmas Wish List Thank you for sharing with anyone that might like to share some joy this holiday season with someone who needs some. Also those that want to shop local we are looking for 22 Market Basket gift cards $25 each.


  1. Hello I have some brand new toys that I’d like to donate. Do you accept toys?

    • Absolutely. We always accept new toys for Christmas and birthday gifts.


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