Desperate for dressers and other basic furniture

One family came to the warehouse today with a truck and a list of items they needed. They were lucky to get most of what was on their list including 2 toddler beds for their 3 year old twins. They left without a dresser because we didn’t have any. If you have any dressers to spare we would be grateful to get any for our many clients in need. Tomorrow we will start another day without dressers, twin mattress sets, kitchen tables or love seats. We do not have pick up but we are so appreciative of those who can get their still useful furniture to us. Thank you for sharing with friends, family, neighbors and online groups that might have an item to item to spare.


  1. Will u take dressers that need clean up? We have one on our enclosed porch.. much loved but a good standing and clean up is needed to be used in home! Will deliver

    • We do not repair furniture that is donated. We wouldn’t accept it if it had mold or other damage to it. If it was just dusty we would accept it as is. If you need more specific information you could send a photo to me at and I can see what you are referring to.


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