Desperate for twin mattress sets

Our first client of the day was an emergency placement for DCF, 5 children needing beds. We were fortunate to have enough twin mattresses for them, but we gave them all that we had. Now we are in desperate need of twin mattress sets without rips or stains so that we have beds for the next client that walks in our doors. Please help if you can and share with friends, family, neighbors and online groups that might have a twin mattress set to spare!


  1. I would like to replenish the five mattress sets plus add another five if you have room to store.

    • We would love that and very much appreciate it! They would go out in a day or two!

      • Hi Patty, just left MO MO’s. They will deliver 5 twin/5 queen sets with frames either tomorrow or Wednesday.

        Ronnie Hoey


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