Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind When Donating

We do not pickup from homes. We give the items to those in need and so cannot afford the cost of home pickups. We are not a thrift  store. We are filling orders for the most essential items requested by clients through their social workers.  We do appreciate you taking a minute to clean  it or fixing it before donating.   Leaving items when we are not open is illegal and subject to $500 fine.  We do videotape 24/7The goods get ruined by the weather and it costs us hundreds of dollars per dump to dispose of them. Please help us save precious dollars to help the needy.

Where to Take Things We Don’t Accept

We welcome your basic furniture, home, baby and clothing items that will go to local people in need.  We are filling their orders for basic items.   We are not a thrift store and have no way to distribute or process decorative or fancy items.   Donated goods may be brought to our warehouse during our donation hours (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9AM to 2PM.)   We do not pick up from homes but check the list here for agencies that do pick up if you need that service.

We Welcome:


Most clients live in 3rd floor walk up apartments so very large furniture will not fit

  • Kitchen table sets and pairs of kitchen chairs
  • Couches. love-seats in good condition including sleep sofas with mattresses as long as there are no rips, no stains and all cushions and legs and NO ARM CHAIRS sorry.
  • Dressers/bureaus (complete working order and all drawers and knobs in tact)
  • Mattresses (Twin, full, Queen) as long as they have no rips, tears, stains and have life left in them.
  • Bed frames (metal folding only- no headboard foot board or other wooden ones)
  • No Large Furniture: Dining room hutches, dry sinks, Shelving units bigger than will fit in a minivan
  • Appliances: we do accept refrigerators and electric stoves

+Baby Gear/Goods

  • High chairs
  • Strollers
  • Bassinets, toddler beds and Pak and Plays
  • Crib and Pak and Play sheets (no bumpers)
  • Bottles (new nipples appreciated)
  • Breast pumps (new disposable kits welcome)
  • Car seats (clean and fully functional) within the last 6 years (3 for infant seats)
  • Boppy pillows
  • Swings, strollers (all sizes), high chairs – no older than 6 years. They must have safety straps.
  • Bath towels and other soft items welcome
  • Diapers disposable any size new- open packs welcome
  • No cribs. Sorry but they can be unsafe when assembled the second time.

+Clothing for All Ages

Baby clothing,Children, Teen clothing including PJ’s, Adult casual clothing (very large sizes are very welcome), Men’s and boy’s jeans are always in demand, Shoes (tennis shoes with life left in them), work boots all year long, snow boots in winter. Bras are accepted used and clean as are winter thick socks.  All other undergarments should be new for hygiene reasons. We do take maternity clothing and scrubs.  Seasonal: shorts are in demand in the summer and thick warm ski coats are in demand in the winter

+Home Goods

Pots and pans are always in demand

  • Small appliances such as coffee makers, lamps, microwaves and toasters  are very welcome.
  • We do not take: Ice cream makers, fajita makers, sandwich makers, juice machines, bread machines etc.
  • Bedding: sheets, towels, blankets
  • Bath: Shower curtains, bath mats
  • Kitchenware: Dish sets (must have bowls and be microwavable), pots and pans, silverware, spatulas, baking pans, glasses and mugs. Please NO WINE GLASSES.


  • Small appliances such as coffee makers, lamps, microwaves and toasters  are very welcome.
  • Medium appliances such as vacuum cleaners, Air conditioners and fans
  • TV’s for a fee. Small ones are $5 and 20″ or larger are $20. NO CONSOLE OR PROJECTION TVS
Thank you for not donating decorative or unusable items. They take volunteers weeks to go through and we have no way of getting rid of them.  We appreciate you working with us to help thousands of needy with a tiny staff.

Please help us keep to our mission and be zero waste by donating only goods we accept.  It costs us to dispose of other items.  As a rule, we do not accept large furniture pieces, or unnecessary, decorative or fancy items. We also will not accept broken, rusted, or torn items.

Items NOT Accepted

NO: Used toys, pictures, baskets, wall hangings, serving dishes, wine glasses or dress clothing. No  decorations, wall pictures and frames, knick-knacks, desks, drop side cribs, used toys,  TVs, computers, outdated electronics like cassette players, large furniture that will not fit in a minivan (e.g., hutches, entertainment centers), baskets, wine glasses, candles or candle holders, file cabinets, office furniture, sports gear, athletic equipment or cleats, nothing that requires any installation including light fixtures and wall shelving, no window blinds, valences or custom fit goods, no used dirty trash cans, toilet brushes, plungers, nothing under $5 in value, nothing dirty.

Accepted Items

+Mattresses and Bed Frames

We welcome Twin, Full, Queen, large hotel donations of mattresses, bunk beds, futon sets or frames, toddler beds, daybeds, trundles, cots and air mattresses.  NO KINGS, PLATFORM BEDS, CAPTAINS BEDS, WATER BEDS, HOSPITAL BEDS.


We accept clean casual clothes, shoes, coats, belts, bras, baby clothing.  NO USED UNDERWEAR OR SOCKS.  We appreciate it when clothing is donated during the season when it is needed.  For example, winter coats, hats, gloves, boots during the winter season, and shorts during the summer season.

+Kitchen Tables and Dinette Sets

We welcome complete sets, single tables, and sets or pairs of chairs (must be sturdy and fully functional).  If it only needs paint or a screw, please consider doing that before donating.  NO LARGE HUTCHES OR CHINA CABINETS.  NO SINGLE CHAIRS.


We accept sofas, sleep sofas,  dressers, loveseats.  NO EXTRA LARGE ITEMS, like entertainment centers or hutches. No furniture with tears, stains, missing pieces.

+Household Linens

We welcome clean sheets, comforters (not down), quilts, blankets, clean pillows, curtains that cover windows, towels (worn is okay), shower curtains, new shower liners.  It is very helpful to us if bedding and window curtains are labeled with size. NO DUVET COVERS, DOWN COMFORTERS, NO USED SHOWER CURTAIN LINERS, VALENCES, MINI-BLINDS, NO PLACE MATS AND NAPKINS, NO DIRTY ITEMS, OR ITEMS USED BY PETS.

+Kitchen Items

We welcome these in sets: dishes, small bowls, drinking glasses, silverware.  We also welcome pots, pans, can openers, utensils, baking pans, large knives, casserole dishes.  NO SINGLE DISHES, NO DIRTY ITEMS, NO WINE GLASSES, NO TUPPERWARE TYPE USED ITEMS.

+Baby Gear

We accept car seats (less than four years old), boosters, changing tables, Pak-n-Plays, strollers, combo-strollers, Diapers new or open packs, high-chairs, bouncy seats, swings, monitors, bottles, unopened unexpired formula and baby food, etc.  NO DROP-SIDE CRIBS. NO CAR SEATS OLDER THAN FOUR YEARS.

+Small and Medium Appliances

We accept air conditioners (in summer), heaters (in winter), fans, lamps, microwaves (we never have enough of these), coffee makers, sewing machines, clocks, clock radios, irons, toaster ovens, toasters, blenders, food processors.  NO CHANDELIERS, CEILING FANS, WALL SCONCES, NO BUILT IN MICROWAVES.

+Large Appliances

We DO NOT Accept refrigerators and electric stoves. Will recycle items for $5.00 each.


We welcome working game systems, MP3/4s, walk-mans, alarm clocks, radios, boom boxes and DVD players. If it is current and useful with today’s media, we can take it.  TV’s for a fee. Small ones are $5 and 20″ or larger are $20. NO CONSOLE OR PROJECTION TVS.  We welcome computers free only from corporate lot donations. NO HOME COMPUTERS OR MONITORS, NO OUTDATED ELECTRONICS.