Help Keep Furniture Free to Those In Need

Every dollar you donate helps us to deliver more than  $4 worth of goods.  Donating to us helps the clients, but it also helps the 60 homeless shelters and other agencies who refer their clients to us, so it has a big impact.

There are Many Ways to Help!

Make reoccurring donations through the DONATE. Monthly reoccurring donations allow us to plan ahead while allowing you to budget and spread out a donation over many months.

Make your party a fundraiser to benefit The Wish Project. Host a benefit yard sale, backpack brunch, baby shower for newborn kits, birthday party to collect toys, hold a talent show, New Years Baby diaper party, makeup party or other event.  Whatever suits your interest and ability can help us to raise money.

Donate to honor someone who has touched your life and we will send them a nice card. We feature this option at Mother’s Day, but it is also a great way to give a Christmas gift to someone who has everything.  Consider sponsoring a backpack in September for an educator who inspired you.

Donate your car to Donate for Charity 866-392-4483. Donate for Charity picks up your car and sells and mails us the check and you the donation letter for taxes.

Receive Service Hours for Helping With Projects

Do you need a tax receipt? Copy of our 501C3? Form 990 or other documents? Please contact us.  They are public information and we are happy to provide them.

Collect cell phones, ink cartridges, toner or coupons.   Get community service hours too!  We get money for these items to buy or own ink, toner and client goods.


  • Hold a book collection at your site. We will come get them.
  • Library having a book sale? We would love to come take the leftovers.
  • Let us put a book dumpster in your parking lot. Proceeds go to the Wish Project and you and your friends can donate locally.
  • We are happy to provide service hours, flyers, signs and any support materials
  • Service hours provided