Emergency Food Boxes – Fire Victims


We work with many housing and emergency relief agencies to assist victims of fires, small disasters and sudden homelessness all year long. People tend to be in shock after a disaster when they find themselves suddenly with no home. Currently, no food pantries are open on Friday afternoons so many families get stuck with no food for the weekend. In general, the food donated to pantries is not appropriate to motel living where there is no refrigeration or stove. So we provide these emergency boxes for social service cases where no other source of food is available.

We want these to be as complete and easy to use as possible with reasonable balanced nutrition and to be suitable to appeal to a wide ethnic and age range. Each box should support a family of 4 for 3 days in a hotel w/ microwave but no refrigerator. Larger families get two. We assume they do not have a car. Here is what we need to fill the boxes. Please consider having a drive or small fundraiser to help with this urgent need. Cost per box is around $50 depending on where you shop.

Items that go in Plastic tote with lid:

  • Manual can opener (used are fine but traditional models not camping or safety ones)

  • Box of Ritz, Club or other bland crackers (store brands are fine for all contents)

  • Box of Cheerio type cereal

  • Apple juice 64 oz

  • 2 cans corn (plain not creamed)

  • 2 cans green beans

  • 1 can pineapple or peaches

  • 2 cans of vegetable or chicken soup

  • 6 pack single apple sauce in plastic cups

  • 4 pack pudding cups (ready to eat cups)

  • Canned fruit-single serve (plastic cups or canned)

  • Can of nuts

  • Soup/noodles – 1 box of 6 cups (Cup of Noodles type preferred-dehydrated in a cup) NOT the package kind that requires a pot and stove.

  • Box of 6 packs of microwave popcorn

  • 2 cans of tuna, foil packs are fine but are more expensive

  • Box of microwave Easy Mac (6 individual-serve type NOT the stove top variety)

  • Jar of Peanut butter

  • Squeezable jelly

  • Box of pasteurized milk

  • 10 paper plates

  • 10 napkins

  • 10 paper or Styrofoam bowls 12-16oz size

  • 8 sets of plastic cutlery/box (these can be repackaged into sets and put into a Ziploc bag)

  • 1 kitchen trash bag

PLEASE DO NOT PUT LARGE LABELS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. We like to respect the client’s dignity and privacy. So when we leave these in the hotel lobby for the clients they are just plain boxes.

Contact Jill Maker or give us a call at 1-866-947-4360 x2