Even in the holiday season

While most of us are planning our Thanksgiving menus and shopping for our family celebration the daily lives of our clients continue to be occupied with meeting their daily needs such as getting warm clothing for their families and finding shelter if their housing is insecure. Every day more clients come to the warehouse looking for winter coats, gloves and boots. An elderly woman came in today to get furniture for her new apartment. She got one of the last two dressers we had and we didn’t have any toasters to give her. But she was grateful for what we had to give her and was looking forward to moving into her apartment today. We are extremely grateful to the many donors that pull up to our dock, regardless of the temperatures, with their vehicles full of clothing, footwear, furniture and household goods. Without your continued support we wouldn’t have had the dresser to give her, or the bed, or the kitchen table or the love seat. We can only continue to serve our clients with your support. Thank you for all you do!

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