Emergency Food Box Project

Emergency Food Boxes for Fire Victims

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This is a great group project! Each person can contribute an individual item to the box.  For specific printable directions, please see Food Box Contents.

We work with many housing and emergency relief agencies to assist victims of small disasters and sudden homelessness all year long. People tend to be in shock after a disaster when they find themselves suddenly with no home. Currently, no food pantries are open on Friday afternoons so many families get stuck with no food for the weekend. In general, the food donated to pantries is not appropriate to motel living where there is no refrigeration or stove. So we provide these emergency boxes for social service cases where no other source of food is available.

The food we provide has to be convenient, healthy, and able to be used in a hotel room with no refrigeration and only a microwave.   Please consider donating a plastic reusable tub full of food for a local family.  This is a great group project. Contents usually cost about $40.

Don’t Have a Whole Box?

We also welcome ingredients listed below. This list is very specific for many reasons. Thanks for working with us.

  • Canned: Peanut butter, squeezable jelly, peaches, pears, pineapple, green beans, corn, tuna, chicken and broth based soups.
  • Microwaveable in the package: Popcorn, Easy Mac cups.
  • Boxed or bagged: Cheerios, Ritz crackers, pudding cups, Cup of Noodles, apple sauce cups, fruit, cups, White or yellow rice(1 lb or smaller)  Apple juice 64 Oz.

Dish Soap Too!  We always need dish soap for these clients. But please do not put it in the box as it can contaminate the food. We make sure they get silverware, bags, microwaveable bowls etc. and the soap goes in those kits.

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