Mother’s Day Gift Bags

Help a Mother in need.

More than 85% of the needy clients that we help are women and children who have suffered a one-time life altering crisis landing them in  homelessness.  Each year hundreds of these women live in shelters while they struggle to make a better life for their children.  These moms care for their children while training for new jobs, pursuing their education, and working hard to  escape poverty, abuse and homelessness. Mother’s Day Bags go to women in shelters in Lowell and the rest of the Merrimack Valley. Our goal  is to recognize the tough struggle of these women with a small bag of useful and fun items.

Mother’s Day Flyer

You can Help!

Donate complete bags, collect goods for bags,  or sponsor a bag. For a $50 donation, you can honor a woman who has touched your life. We will send a special card to her, and provide a gift bag in her name to a local homeless mom. Donations may also be made in memory of someone special.  Donations can be by check, or by credit card or PayPal via Network for Good.

Bag Contents

To donate a complete bag, please fill a ‘spring-themed’ gift bag with the following required items.

  • Flip-flops or Scuff slippers (open toe)
  • Full Sized Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Toothpaste (any size)/Toothbrush
  • Lotion or body wash
  • Deodorant-any size
  • Soap or body wash
  • White socks (1 pr) or slipper socks
  • Hairbrush (dollar store kind)
  • Tampons or pads-3 or 4 in tissue for modesty
  • Candy- small box or candy bar


You may also add any of the following to fill the bag:

  • Bath salts
  • Ladies shaving cream
  • Costume jewelry
  • Novels-new or used
  • Makeup (samples are fine)
  • Lib balm
  • Blank note cards or note pads
  • Disposable cameras