How We Work

We give out goods in three main ways:

  • Wishes: Social workers from our partner agencies place wishes for needed goods for their own clients using our online Wish Placement system. This way, we know all clients are qualified as needy and we get a list of what they really need. Once a wish is approved, the client brings the paperwork to the warehouse to pick up the items. Clients may not place wishes for themselves. They must be working with one of our partner agencies to receive goods. For a list of referring agencies click here: Partner Agencies in the Merrimack Valley of MA.
  • Projects: Project goods are bulk items given directly to our partner agencies to distribute to their clients. These include seasonal items such as: blankets, backpacks and Christmas gifts. Our contact person from each agency requests the items from us, and is responsible for picking them up and distributing to the other case workers for their clients. We do not give project goods directly to clients.
  • Emergency Aid: Victims of emergencies such as fire and natural disasters who are left homeless may bring their fire department or Red Cross paperwork to the warehouse during our open hours to receive emergency help such as clothing and food.