Honor Someone Special in Your Life or Celebrate Your Own Special Day

Perhaps a cherished teacher inspired you.  Maybe your mother would appreciate a special note from us on Mother’s Day. Or perhaps it is a coworker’s birthday.

No matter what the occasion, your gift will go far with a donation to The Wish Project in their name.  There are special times and occasions where you might want to honor someone in this unique and special way.

Perhaps it is your special day, and you choose to have your family and friends make donations to The Wish Project in lieu of gifts to you.  This could be a special birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah.

You can also make a monetary donation to one of our special projects. Honor your teacher by giving to our Back Pack Project and we will give a filled back pack to a needy child in your teacher’s name.   You can make a donation to our Mother’s Day Project to honor or remember your mother, and we will give a Gift Bag to a mom in need on Mother’s Day.  Give the gift of a bed for a child in need, or a Newborn Basket, or an Emergency Food Basket.  Perhaps you know someone who wants or needs nothing, but you still want to give them a gift.   A donation to The Wish Project may just fit the bill!

To Name The Wish Project in lieu of Gifts for Yourself

Please provide the following information to info@thewishproject.org. Feel free to call us at 866-947-4360.

Your Name

You  will receive a notification letter with a list of all those who make donations  to The Wish Project in your name, including  the addresses (if available) and donation amounts,  so the you may thank the donors.

In addition, each individual donor will receive thank you letter from The Wish Project.

To Make a Donation to Honor Someone Else

Send a check made out to The Wish Project
PO Box 8693
Lowell, MA 01853

and a note with: Your Name
Your Address
The Name of the Person Being Honored
The Address of the Honoree
The Special Occasion

You may also make a donation via our secure online donation page Donate Now, with the above information.  Please include the name of the Honoree and their address in the comment or note section.

A letter or card will be sent to The Honoree.  You will receive an acknowledgement letter for your donation.