Mother’s Day Gift Bags

To benefit moms struggling with homelessness, poverty and abuse

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Bag Contents

-Flip flops
-Full sized shampoo/conditioner
-Soap/body wash
-White socks
-Slipper socks

Optional Items

-Bath Salts
-Ladies shaving cream
-Sm. picture frame
-Makeup (unused)
-Lip balm
-$5 Gift cards

You can help!

-Donate complete bags
-Due in by 4/25/20
-Collect goods for bags
-Sponsor a bag
-For $40 you can honor a woman that has touched your life

Our Goal
1,000 Gift Bags

More than 85% of the needy clients that we help are women and children that have suffered a one-time life altering crisis landing them in homelessness.

Each year, hundreds of these women live in shelters while they struggle to make a better life for their children. These moms care for the children while training for new jobs pursuing their eduction and working hard to escape poverty, abuse and homelessness.

Mother's Day bags go to women in shelters in Lowell and the rest of the Merrimack Valley.

Our goal is to recognize the thought struggle of these women with a small bag of useful and fun things.

The Wish Project is a household goods clothing and baby goods bank. Providing basic things to needy families.

For information and hours for drop-off please contact Lori Yutzy to setup a drop-off, donation, or for more information regarding Mother's Day Gift Bags.