The Sun 1-17-14 (1)

Taking the Sting out of Buying School Supplies

Vantiv Donates $13,000 to Wish Project

Lifelinks Donates Backpacks to Wish Project

Millipore Sigma Volunteers

Wish Project -Wish for New Home

Challenging New Start After Fire, Boston Herald, 9-01-2014

Family Basics:  The Wish Project, Merrimack Valley Magazine, July-August 2014

Comcast Newsmaker: Donna Hunnewell, June 2014

Cummings Foundation 100K Winners 2016

Birthday Gift Donation, Lowell Sun 2-17-15

Wellesley College Volunteers 9-23-14

Avid Technology Volunteers 9-2-14

Tufts Health Plan Volunteers, Lowell Sun 7-22-14

Lowell Seeks Way To Direct Fire Aid, Boston Globe 7-15-14

Lowell Bands Together, Boston Herald 7-12-14

To Take Care of Its Own, Boston Herald 7-12-14

Merrimack Valley Magazine Article, July/August 2014

Merrimack College Senior Class Volunteers, Lowell Sun, 5-20-2014

Golf Tournament Planned, Lowell Sun, 5-20-14

Michael Cunningham, Giving on His Birthday, Lowell Sun, 4-29-2014

Girl Scouts Donate Baby Goods, Lowell Sun, 4-15-2014

Easter Bags Donated by Department of Developmental Services,  Lowell Sun, 4-1-2014

Dracut Students Honored for Community Work, Lowell Sun, 3-18-2014

U Mass Lowell Rugby Team Volunteers, Lowell Sun, 3-11-2014

Phyllis Dougherty hosts Baby Shower for The Wish Project, Lowell Sun, 3-4-2014

Lowell Seniors Receive Valentine Gift Bags and Lunch, Lowell Sun, 2-24-2014

Single Volunteers and Meet-Up of Boston Work at The Wish Project, Lowell Sun, 2-18-2014


Addison Networks in Chelmsford Volunteers, Lowell Sun, 12-24-2013

New England Studios…to benefit Charities, Nashoba Publishing, 12-09-2013

Merrimack College Volunteers at Wish Project, Lowell Sun, 12-10-2013

Cummings Foundation Grant, Lowell Sun, 07/13

Anton’s Launches Annual Coat for Kids, Lowell Sun, 11-05-2013

Dracut Student Giving Tree, Lowell Sun, 12-07-2013

Humanity Day, Lowell Sun, 12-18-12

Charity Branches out in Dracut, Lowell Sun, 12-11-2012

I Get To Play Santa, Woman’s World Magazine, 12-10-2012

Wish Project To Hold Benefit, Lowell Sun, 10-16-2012

Community Rallies Around Fire Victims, Lowell Sun, 4-10-2012

Nancy Donahue, Leading Philanthropist, Lowell Sun, 6-29-2012

Ste. Jeanne D’Arc Makes Wishes Come True, Lowell Sun, 1-01-2012

Harvard Pilgrim Awards Lowell Wish Project $500 Grant, Lowell Sun, 7-26-2011

Wish Project Stages Full Day of Music, Lowell Sun, 7-7-2011

The Hidden Hungry, Lowell Sun, 6-5-2011

Family Copes After Christmas Fire, Lowell Sun, 2-14-2011

Relay for Charity, Lowell Sun, 2-1-2011

Relay for Charity, Lowell Sun, 2-1-2011

Spreading the Warmth, Lowell Sun, 1-21-2011

Winter Wishes, Lowell Sun, 11-2-2010

Dracut Middies Volunteer, Lowell Sun, 10-5-2010

Local Group Hosts Food Drive, Lowell Sun, 9-30-2010

Local Groups and Residents to Receive Heroes Awards October 27th, Lowell Sun, 9-16-2010

Need A Pack?  She’s Got Your Back, Lowell Sun, 8-19-2010

Victorian Vegas To Benefit The Wish Project, Lowell Sun, 5-25-2010

Sorority at UML Fulfills a Wish, Lowell Sun, 5-9-2010

Wish Project Founder Receiving Kiwanis Kudos, Lowell Sun, 4-13-2010

Rick Russell Band Singing the Blues for The Wish Project, Lowell Sun, 4-6-2010

For The Homeless, Fresh Start Means New Roof, Lowell Sun, 11-1-2009

Tewksbury Girl Supplies Back to School Supplies for 124 Kids, Lowell Sun, 8-26-2009

LCHS Juniors Help the Homeless, Lowell Sun, 5-3-2009

Have a Laugh, Buy Furniture, Lowell Sun, 4-15-2009

Hannaford Holding Diaper Drive, Lowell Sun, 4-8-2009

Mickey’s Pub Benefit to be Real Snoozer for Kids, Lowell Sun 4-3-2009

Thirty Hours Without Food Not a Problem for These Kids, Lowell Sun, 3-9-2009

Lowell Women’s Week “Because of Her” Awards- Kristin Ross Sitcawich, Lowell Sun, 3-1-2009

Fundraiser for Lowell Transitional Living Center at Caffe Paradiso Monday Night, Lowell Sun, 1-29-2009

Some Wishes Do Come True, Lowell Sun, 1-25-2009

Bright Lights in a Dark Season, Boston Globe, 12-28-2008

Recycled Goods Help Fulfill Wishes of People in Need, Boston Globe, 12-28-2008

Church, Company Come Through for Wish Project, Lowell Sun, 12-23-2008

The Wish Project Reaches Out, Town Crier, 12-17-2008

Morey Elementary Donates Socks, Lowell Sun, 12-2008

If You Can Give, Now Is the Time, Lowell Sun Editorial, 12-12-2008

Santa’s Elves Will Sing…, Lowell Sun, 12-12-2008

Economy Hurts Donations to Greater Lowell Charities as Need Surges, Lowell Sun, 12-10-08

State Says Help On Way… Homeless, Lowell Sun, 11-26-2008

Bottoms Up! Hannafords Diaper Drive at 4 Locations, Lowell Sun, 2008

Donate Blankets, Community Values, 9-2008

Budget deal Aids Greater Lowell, Lowell Sun, 7-4-2008

Joanne Webber Memorial Grant to Wish Photo, Lowell Sun, 06-2008

Lowell Police Honor 70 Volunteers, Lowell Sun, 5-12-2008

Lowell Wish Project Benefit…Sunday, Lowell Sun, 10-31-2007

Some Extra Help Delivering Wishes, Lowell Sun, 9-8-2007

Lowell Wish Founder Feted at Women’s Event, Lowell Sun, 5-17-2007

Chelmsford Rotary Mattress Donation, Chelmsford Rotary News, 12-20-2006

Her Job is Making Wishes Come True, Lowell Sun, 2-11-2005