Diaper Drive, Newborn Kits


Diaper Drive and Baby Supplies Project

We welcome diapers or complete kits or items for the kits: Each laundry basket contains 1 pack of newborn diapers and wipes along with all the basics for a newborn to thrive in that first week while mom gets connected to social services.  We always need disposable diapers in any size all year long for kids. Open packs of diapers are welcome.

Basket Contents

All goods should be new for these baskets.  Used baby clothing, gear and goods are welcome but are given out to experienced mothers through the wish placement system.

  • Baby Blanket
  • 3 Newborn sized Onesies- new
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby shampoo
  • Pack of NB sized diapers
  • Pack of wipes – 80 ct size
  • New bottles w/ nipples- 4oz, 3 or more
  • Bottle brush
  • Small toy or rattle
  • Bottle of alcohol

Any other great goodies you might want to add for example nail clippers, burp cloths, bibs, teethers, thermometers etc… are very welcome but not required.

Who Receives the Kits?

Generally, these kits are in short supply. Therefor we limit them to first time mothers.  All clients that we work with are well qualified low income or crisis victims. Crisis clients are victims of fire, flood or spousal assault.   You can rest assured that any goods donated to us go out to the most needy client dozens of agencies as they are requested “one wish at a time”.

The Diaper Shortage Story  The clients we help never have enough diapers.  They are expensive, necessary and almost impossible to get inexpensively.  Since most low income moms do not have cars, they are limited to buying them when they have money and at local convenience stores.   WIC assists with food only. They do not assist with  diapers.Even at discount stores, diapers are very expensive.  Low price options just do not exist because one company basically has a lock on the market.  We have tried unsuccessfully to get donations or even bargain prices from them with no luck so far.  If any of you have connections, we would love the help creating an affordable supply. On more than one occasion a caring low income mom has come close to losing custody of a child over diapers.  When faced with the decision of buying food, paying the rent or buying more diapers, some moms are tempted to leave a baby in them longer than optimal.  This results in unhappy babies with rashes or worse. Every day caseworkers are asking us for these for the sake of the babies health.  We can barely keep them on the shelves.  Unlike many other paper products, they are not available in bulk any cheaper. We are always on the lookout for a good sale and would love to be able to buy them by the truckload. But so far, based on our research, they still are not much less expensive even in bulk. If you ever see them on sale for a good price, please let us know. We appreciate you helping us to provide these basic items cost efficiently. On average, we give out more than 30 kits/month. That does not include the many other packs of diapers we give out for older kids.    Diapers are always in huge demand. We never have enough.  But these newborn kits help to ensure that at least the youngest of our homeless and in need- are covered.

How You Can Help

Collect diapers and/or new baby goods. Some groups knit baby clothing and blankets. Complete kits are very welcome all year long though our emphasis on this project is in March and the Baby New Year Collection.