Judy Keen Blanket the Valley


Blanket the Valley

Judy Keen and her husband Charles were long-time residents of Chelmsford. Both were passionate donors to The Wish Project who took our weekly urgent needs newsletter as a personal shopping list. Together they would appear each week at the warehouse with a carload of new dishes or pots or whatever was needed that week. Sadly, Judy passed away in 2008. To honor her quiet devotion and her love of quilting, our Blanket the Valley Project is dedicated to her.

Judy and Charles’ daughter Wendy, a local caseworker with Community Teamwork Inc. shared a memory of her mom: “It was a well-known rule in our family that as we traveled across town, province or state, we would stop at each fabric store we found. My mother loved creating, particularly with a needle and thread. Without using a pattern, my mother easily stitched up quilts, dolls, blankets and dresses for friends or family events. When people would ask her how she could do this without a template, my mother would smile and shrug. She was never comfortable being the center of attention; what came as naturally to her as breathing was helping others. She knew from her own childhood what it was like to go without. Mom wanted to do what she could to help ease that worry for other children and their families. She believed that ultimately, a meaningful life was defined by how much a person supported and bettered the lives of others. ”

Join us as we Blanket the Valley!

Each October The Wish Project participates in the City of Lowell Hunger/Homeless Awareness month and National Make a Difference Day by collecting blankets and coats for all ages.

The need is always great. By October the temperature dips below freezing in our area and thousands of clients, both young and old, need warm coats, hats, gloves and boots to walk to school, work, and appointments and need warm blankets to stay warm through the night.

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What We Are Collecting

  • Blankets: clean and warm blankets, including baby blankets, quilts, comforters.  New and used throws in fleece or any warm material, sleeping bags.
  • Coats: clean, warm fall and winter coats in sizes from infants up to XXL adults or larger (please no spring coats).  More than 3,000 are needed each year. Waterproof and warm coats are most popular.
  • Fleece pullovers and sweatshirts clean and in good condition.
  • New hats, gloves, mittens. These can be purchased very inexpensively through www.dollardays.com and can be shipped to us. For hygiene reasons, these items must be new. Handmade (unused) items are very welcome!
  • New socks and underwear for all ages and sizes (clean used long-underwear and clean used thick wool socks are also welcome)
  • Winter boots: clean and in good condition in sizes from toddler to adult.

You can help!

  1. Put a collection box at your office, house of worship or school. We are happy to provide you with tax receipts. Most people have an old blanket or coat that needs a new home.
  2. Drop off your own donations at the warehouse during our business hours (TWFS between 9am-2pm).
  3. Volunteer at our warehouse on any Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday from 9am-2pm! Email Patty Murphy, our Volunteer Manager, for more info Patty Murphy or call us at 866-947-4360.