Sisters support their neighbors

Some of today’s super Saturday volunteers were a group of 10 students from Alpha Sigma Tau at UMass Lowell. This enthusiastic group is pictured with some of the items we need for our BITS bag project. So far we have received 100 bags of the 800 bag goal. 700 more families are counting on us to provide them with a bag full of basic toys to help prevent developmental delay in their infants and toddlers. We need new rubber ducks, bubbles, beach balls, chalk, coloring books, crayons and infant toys for 3 years old and younger. For more information on this project follow the link to our website…/uploads/2020/01/BITSBags_20.pdf . If you prefer to shop online we have an Amazon wish list where you can ship direct to us… . Thank you for sharing with friends, family, neighbors and anyone that might have an item to spare. UMass Lowell UMass Lowell Community Relations

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