Thoughts from the warehouse

Normally this time of year is stressful for me. I have been in charge of projects for 12 years. I have finally let go a bit and have Lori doing most of Christmas but as the deadline approaches and we have so many families left without sponsors my stress level is very high. We did not take on any more then we normally do but we still have 212 families not sponsored plus the mittens left on our mitten tree. I have read all the family wishes. Most are asking for basics, a few moms just want to be able to take their kids to the movies. One mom wanted a gas card so she could know she can put gas in her car to get to work. We’ve had people ask for Uber cards so on the really bad weather days they don’t have to walk to work. We even had one mom ask for laundry detergent. We have had lots of wishes over the years and the parents this year are breaking my heart. We had so many just ask for Market Basket gift cards so they can buy food. If you are able to help and bring down my stress level, every bit helps. I have been where these families are and had Wish and amazing donors in my life that helped. Help us put the magic of Christmas into these families lives too. – Jill Maker, Director of Operations
If you can help out by sponsoring a family or one person please email Lori at and tell her how you can help. If you prefer to shop online we have an Amazon wish list where you can shop from home and ship direct to us and these items will go to fill the Christmas lists of families that have not been sponsored. We also have a mitten tree at the warehouse where you can select a mitten and purchase a gift for one person.

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