Your Fairy Godmother crochets for children

Thanks to Your Fairy Godmother for stopping in today to drop off more Infant Newborn Baskets. We ran out of boy baskets just the other day and Fairy Godmother rushed to get us more. Right now she is in need of new girls newborn clothes before she can fill our next order of girl baskets. Any help would be appreciated!


  1. What items go in the baby baskets? What is most needed? I also knit and crochet – any specific pattern required? Could you share with me? Thanks! Marcia

    • Your Fairy Godmother’s have their own Facebook page if you are on Facebook I could send you a link to their page. Pat has a email that you could email her at to request information about the handmade items. The remainder of the baskets contain new newborn diapers, wipes, 3 baby bottles, socks, infant towel, bibs, baby outfits, onesies, baby wash, baby shampoo, bottle brush, baby lotion, and pacifier and hand knit blanket, sweater and hat.


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