B.I.T.S bags – Basic Items for Tots

Poor children are at higher risk for developmental delay because they lack toys for stimulation. 

The Wish Project partners with hundreds of social workers from many local agencies
These BITS bags will go to therapist workers so that they can leave the toys in the home for the child and parent to play and practice between visits.To find out more , and how you can help click the button below.

Why is a Household Goods Bank Needed?

The Merrimack Valley communities have some of the highest poverty rates in the state, according to the National Low Income Coalition Out of Reach 2013, Massachusetts ranks sixth as the most expensive state for renters.

Even for a two income family, obtaining household goods is a daunting task under these conditions, for an at risk family struggling with a loss of a job, family tragedy or recovering from  homelessness it becomes almost impossible.

The Wish Project is a critical resource for furniture, household goods and baby needs serving these families in need. In any given week, there are as many as 100 families with children, sleeping on the floor in largely unfurnished apartments in our own community.   Without The Wish Project, families have very few affordable options. Household furnishings for a family is a burden that too often families can not carry.  So they simply go without.  With support from The Wish Project they are able to manage their expenses, reducing the likelihood of becoming homeless again.


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